Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Galeano Quotes from We Say No

"I am a writer who would like to imagine the future rather than accept it: a hunter of scattered voices, lost and true."

"When Black slaves escaped from the plantations of Surinam in the seventeenth century, the women filled their luxurious tresses with seeds. When they arrived in the jungle, they shook their heads to fertilize the free land."

"The dry grass will set fire to the damp grass." - Ancient African proverb.

"After all, community, the community-based mode of production and life, stubbornly heralds another possible America. This prophetic voice speaks from the most ancient of times, and still resounds despite five centuries of attempts to impose an obligatory silence. Community is the oldest and the most obstinate of all American traditions. As much as it pains those who decry socialism as a foreign notion, our deepest roots are in community: communal property, communal labor, shared lives, lives based on solidarity. Private property, on the other hand, a way of life and work based on greed and selfishness, is indeed an import, brought by the conquistadores since 1492."

"Our collective memory remains stubbornly alive: a thousand times slain, a thousand times reborn in the hiding places where she licks her wounds."

Eduardo Galeano.

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