Friday, July 8, 2011

July 24th Call-Out First Draft

In june of 2010, the G20 imposed itself on the city of Toronto. The resistance, mobilizations, and mass arrests were unprecedented, and the community response marked a turning point in Canadian political history. Two days before the arrival of the G20, on June 23rd, 2010, Toronto held its first People`s Assembly with a focus on Climate Justice; close to 300 people participated. Now, a little over a year after, and three successful assemblies later, the time has come to reflect, evaluate, analyse. The Toronto People`s Assembly has continued to evolve into a dynamic community process, and we call on everyone to come together for a One Year Anniversary discussion.

Join us on July 24th, outside the 519 Church st. at 12 noon, to share food, paint a community banner, and exchange ideas. We request your participation and contribution on this day as we seek wisdom and direction through the collective horizontal process that the People`s Assembly has come to embody. We hope to see you there.