Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Social Spending Freeze, War Spending Increase

This is what Obama and the United States of Aggression have been up to. Late last week they announced a freeze on government spending for three years, not applying to medicaide, medicare, or, of course, "national security" as Obama puts it, or war spending to be more accurate. This is in part due to the multi billion dollar bail-out of wall street, the U.S coffers now are stretched out and struggling, and as a result they have prioritize spending on what is most important, military efforts.

On Monday Feb.1, President Obama unveiled a record setting $ 3.8 trillion budget that cuts social spending and increases funding for war. Under the plan the Pentagon budget would grow by 3% with separate funding for the Iraq and afghan wars, for a total of $ 741 billion. This budget request also seeks a $ 5 billion increase in nuclear spending demonstrating clearly that the U.S' pledge to being committed in reducing nuclear arsenals is pure whitewash.

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