Friday, January 29, 2010

Verse of the Week - Jan.29.2010

More or Less

"More franchising less sanitizing,
More Uprising less downsizing,
More enterprising less sympathizing,
More building less destroying,
More jobs less unemployment,
Lets give the Devil less enjoyment,
More originality less bittin off Pac and Big,
More community activism less pigs,
More blacksmithin, Def Chucks, less Geffen then the rest,
Cause the West sucks, they got this shit all messed up,
More Marijuana less coke,
More accountability for politicians,
Before we shopping lets vote,
More schools less prisons,
More freestyles less written,
More serious shit and less kidding,
More history less mystery,
More Beyonce less Britney,
More happiness less misery,
More victory less losses,
More workers, We all bosses,
Of course its Reflection."

- Talib Kweli.

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