Sunday, July 26, 2009

The United-States of America Continue to Deteriorate

President Obama really begins to show his true colours in July. As his healthcare reform proposals become increasingly watered down, it seems obvious he is being bought out by the health insurance companies, either that or he is making like Paz Estenssoro and buckling under the pressure of the establishment.

So while Obama's cowardly, unprincipled politics of betrayal take their course, the same story of despair continues to repeat itself for the United-States; war spending, grossly insufficient healthcare, and rising unemployment.

Obama for all his talk of diplomacy and leadership by reaching out to the international community rather than aggressively making enemies, has actually increased war spending from the Bush era by 4%. At least 40 million Americans today are without health insurance, and 14,000 become uninsured daily. The unemployment rate is over 10% in 16 states, and over 15% in Michigan.

Just another reminder of why the United-States is such a great example of what capitalism really means.

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