Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Stroll Through Dufferin Mall

Walking amidst this colony of consumer robots, waiting for their coffee, in line for their life-saving lottery tickets, as a woman walks ten feet ahead of her unmindful two year old son not even paying attention to him, and a man contemplates a
freshly-squeezed juice stand thinking only of the health benefits of a smoothie but oblivious to the fact that he's concurrently making corporations richer by doing so, with oranges and mangos probably coming from the fruit company corporate monopolies of banana republic Central America. Yet, we are all bamboozled participants victim to the system that surrounds us, and all these thoughts are going through my mind as I enter wal-mart. Later on, picking vegetables, moving ten paces faster than the sluggish public around me, I see a disoriented elderly lady almost spinning circles in anxiety, terrified of how fast the world moves, and every person I see has no idea what is going on around them, as a short middle-aged lady is getting upset with the not-so-graceful movements of the woman in the wheel-chair because she is taking up too much space.

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