Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Ludicrous Slander of the Empire

To those who won't stop ranting about Hugo Chavez's alleged dictatorial aspirations, perhaps its time you start observing the process a little more closely. Everything Hugo Chavez has done since he was democratically chosen by a passionate electorate in 1998 has always been fully democratic and constitutional. Since Hugo Chavez lost the referendum on December 2nd of last year by a margin of 0.7 % only because there was an abstention rate of 45 % of the electorate, of which the overwhelming majority were supporters of the Bolivarian Revolution, the opposition and hostile reactionary governments and media have clamoured that the Revolution is dead. The referendum failed only because the PSUV and the Revolutions' supporters took victory for granted, and didn't sufficiently mobilize the rank and file. When the next referendum arrives by alternate channels, the Revolution will not make the same mistakes, and it will continue moving toward the full construction of Socialist Venezuela.

Since the MVR's (Movimiento Quinta Republica) victory in 1998, the Bolivarian Revolution has won no less than 12 electoral processes, elections and referenda. Hugo Chavez's "crime" is his aspiration to be president "indefinately". However, he made this proposal to the Venezuelan people through a referendum, and gallantly conceded the 0.7 % defeat. The most siginificant factor in all this, is that everything in Venezuela is decided either through elections, referendum, or through direct, grassroots, participatory democracy in collaboration with the people's communal councils, which is not the case in the Western "democracies" who slander the Bolivarian process. If Hugo Chavez was in fact a strong-arm, autocratic dictator, he would have simply rigged the referendum, which of course he did not; instead he embraced the setback as a shining illustration of Venezuela's healthy and exemplary democracy. I could go on, but I think thats enough.

I call on all the the juvenile, one-dimensional reactionaries to please, please, stop singing the same old hollow song! If you insist on bringing slander against the Bolivarin Revolution, I challenge you to try and find something substantial and legitimate.

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