Sunday, October 25, 2009

The New Age Hippie Revolutionary??

The Sustainable movement, in my opinion, is unstoppable because it combines so many different shades and branches of social justice. It is a personal, economic, political, and social philosophy all in one convenient, organized, and politically sexy portfolio. Green, vegan and vegetarian, environmental, equality, anti-corporate, fair trade, anti-capitalist, sustainable are all terms that relate to this movement, and together they form the splendid new-age fusion of environmental crusader, hippie, and revolutionary.

Having thrown this idea into the universe for everyone to share, lets join together to coin a new term to define this new human of the future. "At the risk of sounding ridiculous", as Che Guevara has said, I request your input and suggestions for this proposal which may seem dreamy and gung ho. I say it with absolute happiness and spiritual liberty, because its a good thing to be in love with the movement.

Have fun with it.

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